Upgrading from the Universal Devices ISY-99i to the ISY-994ir Pro

I just finished upgrading my Universal Devices ISY-99i to the ISY-994ir Pro. It was the end of the line for the ISY-99i - Universal Devices last firmware update for that device was issued in mid 2013. As a result, newer Insteon devices haven't been supported. I recented posted on the installation of the Smarthome Select Electronic Water Valve, and the use of the Insteon Wireless Leak Detectors. The heartbeat function of the Wireless Leak Detectors was never implemented on the ISY-99i firmware, so to get that feature required upgrading the device.

Upgrading the device was easy, I just followed the instructions on the Universal Devices Wiki to backup the ISY-99i and record certain configuration information, remove the ISY-99i and replace it with the ISY-994ir Pro (I was keeping my existing PLM so that simplified the process). With the backup completed, I also exported the complete log from the outgoing ISY-99i - this way - I'll be able to combine the logs later in Microsoft Excel to have a complete log history of both the old and new devices, for reviewing statistics of how often certain devices are used.

I downgraded the firmware in the new ISY-994 prior to restoring it with my backup from the ISY-99i (in order to ensure compatibility of the backup) and then emailed Universal Devices support to get my weather module transferred (which took 7 minutes - excellent service as we've come to expect from Michel @ Universal Devices).

Once my ISY-994i was running properly from the restored backup, I then upgraded it to the current official release - 4.0.5. Once I realized that this version didn't support the climate module update from the Weatherbug feed to the HAM Weather feed - I then updated the ISY to RC 4 release 4.2.10. Once updated to 4.2.10 - the weather feed began working properly - I didn't even have to change the weather station ID in my case.

A few settings on the ISY needed tweaking, some of the fixed IP settings didn't transfer over, but it didn't take long to sort that out in the configuration settings.

In order to get the heartbeat working on the Insteon wireless leak sensors, I had to delete the devices from my ISY, and then re-add them to establish the link for the heartbeat. Next step will be to add a heartbeat monitoring program to notify me when a leak sensor misses a heartbeat daily check in.

Now, I have a leftover ISY-99i. I may put it up for sale on eBay, but it looks like they are only selling for about $60. Prior to selling, I would like to clear the memory of my configuration by doing a hard reset. The process is as follows:  i) Push in the reset button till the RX, TX, Mem, Error lights start blinking once per second; ii) Hold reset button down for at least 30 seconds until all of the the RX, TX, Mem, Error lights turn off and Mem light starts flashing quickly; and iii) Release and wait for system reboot. Reboot is finished when the Mem light stops flashing.

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