The Dewalt DC-515 18V Cordless Shop Vac

This has become one of my favourite tools. It is super handy for cleanup after odd jobs around the house. Installing electrical switches, small drywall patch repairs, anything that leaves a small pile of dust when you're done.

Standard 1 1/2" shop vac accessories fit the Dewalt Cordless Vac. This is the micro cleanup kit with brush, perfect for cleaning out electrical boxes.

Two standard extensions with the narrow floor wand - perfect for cleaning up the floor. 

Here's the side view of the vac, with the hose stored the head works for floor dust pickup.
The vacuum has a washable filter, that's suitable for drywall dust, and an easy opening dust bin. Very handy.


  1. Good with dog hair as well, I presume?

  2. Not too bad with dog hair - doesn't quite have the kind of power you would need to really do a good job. Excellent with drywall dust, sand, etc. Sorry for the delay in responding!