Front Load Clothes Washer Performance compared to old Top Load Machine

Recently I picked up a used LG front load clothes washer at a good price that needed some repairs. You can read about that here. Once I got the machine spinning well without excessive vibration, I decided to run a comparison test of clothes spinning performance. I loaded up a laundry bag with a typical wash for me - two pairs of pants, cycling clothes, underwear and t-shirts. I did a wash with the old machine, and weighed the clothes dry at the start and wet following the final rinse and spin cycle. I then did the same for the new machine. 

The new LG Washing machine and dryer

The old Kenmore top load washing machine

Weighing the laundry using a digital fish scale

                                Dry Weight (kg) Spun Weight (kg) Water Weight (kg)
Top Load Machine                 4.5 kg                     7.4 kg                 2.9 kg
Front Load Machine         4.4 kg                     5.1 kg                 0.7 kg
Difference                                                                         2.2 kg

The difference in performance of the front loading machine spin is vastly superior - 0.7 kg of water left in the load, versus 2.9 kg for the top loading machine. Drying time went down from 59 minutes to 28 minutes. I'll be saving a lot of electricity - we do about 10 loads of laundry a week with the kids. I should be able to see the effect on my utility bills. Will report back in a year. 


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