Rancilio V3 Steam Wand Upgrade

If you own the original or second generation Rancilio Silvia espresso machine, you can upgrade the steam wand to the third generation design with the swivel ball design - which gives you more flexibility for positioning the steam wand. The steam wand replacement is relatively simple, and can be done with basic tools and skill.

V3 wand on the left, V1 wand on the right. Note the additional length of the V3 Wand
 The installation steps are fairly simple.

  • Remove water tank cover and water tank
  • Unscrew 4 screws and remove top cover
  • Remove the back cover (loosen 2 screws at top, and one screw at bottom through pump cover)
  • Remove the 4 screws holding down the front cover - no need to remove the front cover completely - you can keep all the wiring to the front cover switches connected.
  • Loosen the steam pipe locknut from the steam valve. 
  • Remove the steam valve nut
  • Replace the steam wand with the V3 version. In my installation, I had to move the serrated lock washer from the front side of the frame to the back side of the frame so that the steam wand sits as far back as possible to avoid interference with the front cover and the larger chrome nut under the valve. 
  • LOOSELY install the locknut and steam pipe
  • Replace and tighten the front cover - this will move the steam wand and center it in the opening in the front cover. 
  • Then tighten the steam valve to the machine body. 
  • Replace the back cover, tighten fasteners.
  • Plug in the machine, heat it up and check for leaks. Do not shock yourself on any exposed wiring while inspecting the steam valve. Use gloves and remove rings. 
  • No leaks? Replace the top cover, water reservoir, and water reservoir cover. 

V3 wand left, V1 wand right - note the larger nut on the V3 wand - Causes installation difficulty.

The larger V3 nut will fit the original enclosure, but very tight.
The biggest tip for installation of the V3 wand in earlier model machines is not to tighten the steam wand to the frame until you have replaced and tightened the front cover screws. This will guide the steam valve into exactly the right position in its hole for good alignment.

The installation of the valve to the Rancilio Silvia Frame.


So - I really like the new Rancilio Silvia V3 wand. When I'm steaming a half pitcher of milk - I can pivot the wand down to the bottom of the pitcher quite easily. When steaming a full pitcher - I can lift the wand up to be able to get the pitcher out from underneath the wand without spilling any milk. The functionality is remarkably improved - a nice upgrade. It also seems easier to clean. I like it.

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  1. Have you considered the insulated steam wand upgrade?

    1. Yes, I looked into that, but for the number of coffees I do a day, it really isn't too onerous to keep the regular steam wand tip clean. I'm pretty happy with the V3 wand.